We really believe that our clients are wonderful and deserving people.

Very early on, we establish a trusting rapport and an understanding of their aesthetic and lifestyle needs. Here is what our clients have to say:

“My house was built in 1855, with some renovations over the years that modernized it. Kristen did the necessary research on historical designs, paints and wallpapers that would return the country charm and heritage of my house.

After our initial meeting Kristen was able to get a feel for my tastes and dislikes. Kristen came up with an innovative design for the upstairs to maximize space and brighten up the rooms and drew up the architectural plans, as well as recommended paint and wallpaper, drew floor plans, and helped choose furniture and decorations. Kristen also helped me frame some old paintings from my great Aunt’s portfolio. These turned out exceptional and complimented the new rooms.

The end result was so seamless that friends and family did not realize that any work had been performed on my house.

Kristen was also able to recommend competent contractors for all parts of the renovation. I relied totally on Kristen’s recommendations and I invited her back to redecorate a couple more rooms.”

~ Dave

“I believe you know that you have been something of a guardian angel for us. You've been able to anticipate our goals even when we have been less than clear in articulating them. Once they have been established, you have assisted us in finding the right materials and trades people to achieve them. All through the process you have been very understanding and concerned to ensure that we achieve our goals. You always had fresh ideas to present and to help us make a decision.

We don't think you should change anything about your approach to clients based on our experience. Your ingenuity and attention to detail were strengths that we really appreciated. Your masterful design that converted a tired walk in closet into the master bathroom of Ricky`s dreams will be a topic of discussion around here for as long as we are here. And the help you provided with finding the right design for the living room curtains when we were completely blocked was just another example of how you were able to anticipate what we needed before we could describe it ourselves.”

~ Allan and Ricky

“Having a design background and moving to Ottawa from Vancouver several years ago, I thoroughly enjoyed renovating our new home long distance with an architect. A few years later, our next challenge was to renovate a neglected century old home on a very short timeline. My only option was asking our architect for the name of a professional Interior Designer that was organized, creative, talented and with great communication skills. He did not hesitate in telling us that you were the first person that came to mind.

We needed you to understand our vision, find the trades, research products, organize a timeline, provide estimates of products and man hours, supervise the project and communicate with us of any challenges or problems and find solutions with our best interest in mind. Because I did not have the time or connections to manage this project, your undivided attention to the project was essential. You came through on all counts and more.

I thoroughly enjoyed having you by my side. Our exchange of ideas was productive and our shopping trips were fun and efficient. Working with a client that has such definite ideas and a clear vision was probably not easy for you but I never felt that it was an issue with us. You were very respectful of my style and personality and I certainly developed great respect for your talent, vision, organizational skills, attention to detail, willingness to listen and professional attitude. Also, at times, a sense of humour has been a useful tool for both of us.

Last summer we undertook a four month project with an architect and although my vision was clear, I called on your professional advice to confirm my choice of finishes and colours. After analyzing all aspects of the finished product, we decided that the samples were correct and we went ahead with the choices. The results are stunning!

I never hesitate to ask for a second opinion when working on my personal projects. Sometimes I find myself too close and personally involved to keep an objective eye on things. This is not a problem I encounter when working with a client.

It has been a pleasure for me to recommend you to anyone that needs to decorate, renovate or undertake any other project where a professional Interior Designer is needed. Your technical and creative expertise assures a professional result with satisfied customers. Pillar Interior Design has experience and a dedication to giving a client complete satisfaction and we will not hesitate to call you and look forward to working with you again on future projects.”

~ Joanne and Guy

“I reviewed all the websites of the listed Direct Buy designers/members and thought Kristen's style was what I was looking for and I was right. Kristen helped us from renovating to decorating to color selection for our living room, dining room and foyer. She helped us from start to finish. I really appreciated the fact that when I didn't see or couldn't picture her vision of the final product she would have patience and so many different ideas on how to help me see it or provide many different alternatives. Kristen was very approachable with whatever issue I had and very tolerant of all my questions.

My first decorating experience was a success thanks to Kristen. I thought we worked really well together and I really look forward to working with Kristen again!”

~ Christine and Warren

“We appreciated all aspects of the designer’s advice! We had never undertaken such a significant renovation before and benefited from her creative ideas and expertise in terms of aesthetic outcome, time, and money. The designer and the contractor also enjoyed a good working relationship, which meant everyone was on the same page — no small matter!

The designer was a pleasure to work with. She listened to our ideas and made recommendations in a very open and approachable way. She paid attention to what we wanted, and offered a variety of options (including cost) to meet our requirements. She responded quickly to requests, always followed through on commitments, and was consistently pleasant, accommodating, and professional. We have already recommended her several times! They, too, have been very pleased with the results!”

~ Liz and John

“Kristen displayed a keen desire to please us, and yet did not hesitate to give honest, but sensitive, feedback when she felt our ideas would not maximize the potential of our space. We were grateful for our designer’s insights concerning traffic flow in the room because this resulted in a major change to our original room design. We now realize, after living in it for over a year that our previous design would have given us far less useable space and would not have made the best use of the area.

We found Kristen to be more than accommodating. She took extra care to take our tastes and style preferences into account. Her attitude was friendly yet professional.

Our interactions with Pillar Interior Design was a wonderful experience and we wouldn't change a thing!”

~ Lynn and Rick

“We really liked and appreciated the designer’s suggestions, professional advice and knowledge. We could not have made as practical and well functional lighting decisions as we did without her.

We were sometimes pressed for time or stressed by the process of pulling our home together and she made it that much easier. We really, really appreciate the time, patience, professional attitude, poise and dedication that she attributed to us and to our very large project. Kristen is very impressive as a designer and embodies what each designer should be.”

~ Bob and Wendy

“There was no pressure, only good advice and an understanding of our budget limitations.

We were able to make decisions quickly and easily that would have taken us a significantly longer time to decide on our own. We appreciate that Kristen’s decisions will help us move toward a long-term goal, and that the house will ‘flow’ when all ideas are eventually implemented.”

~ Marcy and Doug

“We appreciated all of her advice right from where to place everything, to paint colours, to light fixtures, tap choices, towel choices, (etc). We told her what we wanted and she made it work for us. We found her to be extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of her field.

I would most certainly recommend our designer to anyone because not only is she extremely knowledgeable in her field, and easy to get along with, but very professional too!”

~ Sheila and Rob

“This was a 35-year-old unexciting townhouse bathroom. We wanted a quality new look and more functional design.

We found you through the ARIDO website - we were looking for someone specializing in home renovations rather than commercial design. We had already done quite a bit of thinking and had previously consulted an interior decorator, but realized that we really needed a designer.

You helped us identify clearly what we wanted to achieve, and enabled us to choose a "look" that you could then apply to our space. Our intent was to do most of the work ourselves. We liked your client-centred approach. You did not impose your ideas on us, but worked with us to create a room that reflects our taste and our needs. We would certainly recommend you to others and you can use us as a reference.

We very much enjoyed working with you, and are delighted with the result.”

~ Ethel and Charles

If you are considering working with Pillar Interior Design, there are numerous clients who would be happy to speak with you directly and provide you with more insight. We can discreetly forward you their contact information upon request.

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