Have you been putting off your home improvement project?
Not sure how to proceed?
Pillar Interior Design will help turn your dreams into reality.

Our mission

To positively enhance client lifestyles by combining creative interior design solutions with a caring approach.

Our approach

We firmly believe that:

It is your home. We simply aim to help you enjoy it more.
We will create a beautiful home that reflects your personality as well as providing insightful design solutions. We listen to all of your concerns. We respect the sentimental value you place on your belongings. We will mesh both your design ideas and our design solutions.

Interior design is for everyone.
Our clients should be able to connect their lifestyle and personality with their interior environment. Whether you require an hour of consultation for a do it yourself project, or would like to completely reconfigure your home from the foundation up, an interior design consultant can provide the professional support to help you materialize your vision.

Home improvement equals life improvement
Wouldn’t you love to walk into your home and instantly feel at ease? Studies have shown that your interior environment affects the way your family lives in every way.

Think about how much time, energy and headaches you will save by letting us design a home that is conducive to your routine and your future needs. Pillar Interior Design will bridge the gap between your house and your home.

Think about how these factors affect you in your home:

• Temperature

• Durability

• Space

• Noise transfer


• Cleanability


• Balance

• Indoor air quality


• Organization


• Style

• Sunlight and artificial light


• Storage


• Pet and/or child friendly

• Circulation and flow


• Colour


• Comfort and ease of living

• Ergonomics


• Proportion



“We shape our buildings: therefore they shape us”
~ Sir Winston Churchill

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