Kristen Armstrong D.I.D., Intern ARIDO
Owner of Pillar Interior Design
Interior Design Consultant

An honours graduate of the advanced interior design program at Algonquin College, Kristen Armstrong is a practicing interior design consultant in the Ottawa area. Her vast understanding of the home in its entirety (from building structures to complex window treatments) paired with her aesthetic sensibility enables her to bring an innovative agenda to all projects she undertakes.

Kristen’s design practice is the culmination of her interests in art history and painting. She is fascinated by how individuals and their relationships are affected by beauty and the interior environment. These interests manifest themselves in spaces that are stylistically diverse and skilfully integrated with the existing architecture. By keeping current on all of the latest trends, as well as being versatile in many different styles, she is able to satisfy a wide range of tastes.

On a daily basis, she demonstrates her boundless energy and love of interior design and gets your project completed on time and on budget.

As well as managing her own interior design practice, she has worked with top local residential firms. Most of her projects develop from referrals and over the course of her career she has over 200 satisfied clients. You will find many testimonials on this site.

“Developing a trusting rapport with my clientele is of the utmost importance to me. I look out for their interests, while guiding them through the entire design and implementation process.”
~ Kristen Armstrong

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